11/11/23 Sun's Out Buns Out PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!!! 🛼

SOBO is a Body Positive Roll Out

Created by Courtney Shove

SOBO was birthed from the healing I went through from years of starving and purging myself. It came from the joy, strength, and confidence I found when I laced up for the first time. I wanted to create a movement and safe space for all people- fat, skinny, ebony, ivory, cis, trans, and everything inbetween. I wanted to create a visual that reminded everyone that bodies are just bodies and we are so much more. By showing inches of skin we are told to hate in a public space is a protest and a riot. It leaves a mark on participants and witnesses. 
*SOBO is a DIY/punk/riot grrrl movement. All bodies, all wheels, show up an roll out. There is no financial gain. There are no permits. Skate at your own risk and look out for one another.
Saturday November 11, 2023
10 AM Meetup
10:30 Roll Out
Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ
Level is beginner (There is a slight downhill on the way back)
An approximate 2 mile round trip skate


  • Roller Waldo

    Went to national rollout day in Tempe & had a blast!! Looking forward to this!! 🛼🛼

  • Finchita

    Cannot wait ! Hubby and I are rolling down from San Jose,Ca and we cannot wait to join the SOBO rollout!

  • Antonia

    I’ve been looking forward to this one all year! Can’t wait!!! 💜🛼💜

  • Shove

    I cannot wait for these events!

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