Sun's Out Buns Out 2023

SOBO is a Body Positive Roll Out

Created by Courtney Shove

Kickoff the Summer with one of the largest roller skate events of the year! Dust off your short shorts, bikinis, & swim trunks, because it is time to roll out with our buns out! Shove started SOBO to create a safe place filled with good vibes to encourage people to find their confidence and wear something they would normally feel too self conscious to do. There is inspiration and safety in numbers.
*SOBO is a DIY/punk/riot grrrl movement. All bodies, all wheels, show up an roll out. There is no financial gain. There are no permits. Skate at your own risk and look out for one another.
Saturday June 17th, 2023
10 AM Meetup
10:30 Roll Out
1 Junipero Ave, Long Beach, Ca
Meet at the top of the hill if you want to skate down it, otherwise meet in the grass at the bottom of the hill.
Level is intermediate (But some beginners skate halfway and turn back)
An approximate 6 mile round trip skate from the hill to the lighthouse. The ground is smooth bike bath, 1 small parking lot street, textured brick lay, and crossing one small skatable wooden bridge. 
Stop at the stair sets and show off your jumps. Meet at the lighthouse for a group photo and hangs. Then everyone will leave as they want.


  • Finchita

    Cannot wait ! Hubby and I are rolling down from San Jose,Ca and we cannot wait to join the SOBO rollout!

  • Antonia

    I’ve been looking forward to this one all year! Can’t wait!!! 💜🛼💜

  • Shove

    I cannot wait for these events!

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